component parts

component parts
комплектувальні; комплектувальні вироби

The English-Ukrainian Dictionary. Economics, Finance, Banking, Investmentss, Bank Loans. . 2002.

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  • Component parts of internal combustion engines — Internal combustion engines come in a wide variety of types, but have certain family resemblances, and thus share many common types of components. Contents 1 Combustion chambers 2 Ignition system 2.1 Spark 2.2 Compression …   Wikipedia

  • component — I noun aspect, basic substance, complement, component part, constituent, constituent part, content, division, element, elementary unit, factor, feature, fragment, fundamental part, ingredient, installment, integral part, item, material part, one… …   Law dictionary

  • Component — Com*po nent (k[o^]m*p[=o] nent), a. [L. componens, p. pr. of componere. See {Compound}, v. t.] Serving, or helping, to form; composing; constituting; constituent. [1913 Webster] The component parts of natural bodies. Sir I. Newton. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • component — com|po|nent1 W2S3 [kəmˈpəunənt US ˈpou ] n [Date: 1500 1600; : Latin; Origin: , present participle of componere; COMPOUND2] one of several parts that together make up a whole machine, system etc = ↑constituent ▪ companies that make electronic… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • component — [[t]kəmpo͟ʊnənt[/t]] ♦♦♦ components 1) N COUNT The components of something are the parts that it is made of. Enriched uranium is a key component of a nuclear weapon... The management plan has four main components... They were automotive component …   English dictionary

  • component — componential /kom peuh nen sheuhl/, componental, adj. componented, adj. /keuhm poh neuhnt, kom /, n. 1. a constituent part; element; ingredient. 2. a part of a mechanical or electrical system: hi fi components. 3. Physics. the projection of a… …   Universalium

  • component — I. noun Etymology: Latin component , componens, present participle of componere to put together more at compound Date: 1645 1. a constituent part ; ingredient < an important component of the program > < stereo components > 2 …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • component — com•po•nent [[t]kəmˈpoʊ nənt, kɒm [/t]] n. 1) a constituent part; element; ingredient 2) elm hfi a part of a mechanical or electrical system: hi fi components[/ex] 3) phs the projection of a vector quantity, as force or velocity, along an axis; a …   From formal English to slang

  • component — n. & adj. n. 1 a part of a larger whole, esp. part of a motor vehicle. 2 Math. one of two or more vectors equivalent to a given vector. adj. being part of a larger whole (assembled the component parts). Derivatives: componential adj. Etymology: L …   Useful english dictionary

  • Parts stress modelling — is a method in engineering and especially electronics to find an expected value for the rate of failure of the mechanical and electronic components of a system. It is based upon the idea that the more components that there are in the system, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Parts cleaning — is essential to many industrial processes, as a prelude to surface finishing or to protect sensitive components. Electroplating is particularly sensitive to part cleanliness, since molecular layers of oil can prevent adhesion of the coating. ASTM …   Wikipedia

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